Avoiding The Russian Brides Scam

Russian Brides Scam

Many men don’t realize when they become the target of an extremely popular Internet scam, commonly known as Russian Bride Scam. In fact, most men get a bit of a shock when they find out that a well-planned Russian bride scam has been set up to lure naive men into wasting their hard-earned money. Although there are indeed many honest Russian ladies looking for partners on the Internet (and quite a few of them are indeed serious), there is definitely a segment of the Russian woman community who are looking to use marriage as a “business model”. This can be rather profitable for them, but it’s important to realize what is being said and understand how easily it can fall apart.


So, how does the Russian brides scam work? It’s quite simple – the women who pose as potential wives and foreign husbands will pose as representatives of established international dating agencies in order to gain your trust and make you think that they are really what they say they are. The fact that these agencies are listed as legitimate on major search engines like Google is only icing on the cake. But more importantly, it means that the potential victim is already vulnerable because he/she didn’t even have to conduct any thorough background research before accepting the offer from one of the bogus agencies.


It is very easy to become duped by Russian dating scams, since the websites and operators will dress you up in the proper manner to make you think you’re dealing with a real lady. They will even give you the correct name of a real Russian wife if you so ask. Once you hand over the cash, the operator will take off all your money and disappear, never to be heard from again. There have been several cases where innocent men have been tricked into sending their hard-earned money to Russian women who were married to western men. One such case was that of an American in Dubai who fell for a girl whose father was a Canadian.


To protect yourself against the nasty Russian brides scam, you need to know where to look for genuine Russian women. The first thing you need to remember is not to fall for fake Russian brides recruitment agencies, which are common among those who are looking to find their true love in western countries. In fact, many of the fake sites that feature fake foreign men have actually been set up in response to the current global recession, with scam artists capitalizing on the desperation that western men feel over the inability to find suitable Russian brides.


The Russian brides scam operates exactly like any other online scam. Potential victims are tricked into giving money, after which the operator disappears. If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim, you will know that the Russian bride’s husband will be trying to hide some serious financial matters. The husband might even try and distance himself from his wife and kids. In extreme cases, this husband may even murder his wife or children.


When choosing to date a Russian bride, you should always remember that scams don’t usually come in beautiful packages. Many websites that feature these types of services have a poor reputation. They have been known to feature fake profiles, which have led to the identification of thousands of western men as potential grooms. Some sites may even claim to be registered in countries other than Russia, when in actuality they are hosted there themselves.


To ensure that you avoid becoming a victim of the Russian dating sites scam, it’s important to spend some time familiarizing yourself with this country. One way you can do this is to search Google for the country of your choice and click through to its Wikipedia page. From there you can find out all you need to know about life in Russia. Spend some time reading about the local culture, its festivals and the different national holidays. You will soon begin to realize whether or not the sites you’re thinking of contacting are legitimate.


Once you feel that you’ve found a good agency, it’s important to investigate the company. If you are planning on marrying a Russian woman, it’s essential that you check out any agencies that you’re thinking of using. Most reputable agencies will offer a money-back guarantee. You should also be able to reach the agency through email and speak to someone who can explain the process to you. This is the best way to tell if the company is a fraud or not.